Altcoin List

Here is a list of alternative cyrptocurrency on-line according to
The list contains the name, algorithm, state, and mining capability, no cpu only coins, the ones that say over are not minable but only available through pos, the ones with blank spaces in state are alive and ready to be earned

Name Algorithm State Device
365coin keccak dead ?
aiden Scrypt-og dead ?
adzcoin x11 ? asic
ambercoin x13 asic
amsterdamcoin quark ??? asic/gpu
argentum scrypt asic
aricoin sha256d asic
Aur-scrypt scrypt asic
bytecoin cryptonight ? cpu/gpu
dobbscoin scrypt asic
Globalboost-y yescrypt
bata scrypt asic
bitcoin sha256d asic
bitmark scrypt asic
burnercoin x13 over asic
cachecoin Chacha 15 no market
bottlecaps scrypt asic
cryptobullion scrypt asic
X-children x11 dead asic
checkcoin x11 asic
cloakcoin x13 over asic
crown Sha-256 asic
cryptcoin x11 over asic
crypto lyra2rev2 dead
curecoin asic and folding
conspiracycoin x11 no market asic
dash x11 asic
decred blake 14r
digibyte skein
qubit asic
Sha-256 asic
scrypt asic
digitalcoin Sha-256 asic
scrypt asic
x11 asic
diamond groestl
darknet quark over asic/gpu
dogecoin scrypt asic
dopecoin scrypt no market asic
dashcoin cryptonight no market cpu/gpu
Parallel-scrypt scrypt asic
Parallel-sha Sha-256 asic
earthcoin scrypt dead asic
einsteinium scrypt asic
entropycoin Scrypt-n dead
experiencecoin scrypt no market asic
ethereum classic daggarhash
etc decred
etc lbry
etc sia
ethereum daggarhash gpu
eth decred
eth lbry
eth sia
execoin Scrypt-n dead
expanse daggarhash gpu
exp decred
exp lbry
exp sia
fantomcoin cryptonight no market cpu/gpu
fluttercoin scrypt no market asic
freshcoin fresh over gpu
fastcoin scrypt ? asic
feathercoin neoscrypt gpu
gamecredits scrypt asic
gridblocks x11 asic
gdomination x11 dead asic
geocoin qubit asic/gpu
givecoin x11 dead asic
globalcoin scrypt dead asic
goalcoin scrypt dead asic
groestlcoin groestl gpu
halcyon neoscrypt gpu
hirocoin x11 dead asic
heavycoin heavy dead gpu
ivugeocoin scrypt blockchain error asic
influxcoin x11 asic
jackpotcoin jha ?
karmacoin x11 asic
krypton daggarhash/scrypt over gpu
lbry lbry gpu
logicoin x11 no market asic
legandarycoin scrypt dead asic
limecoinx x11 dead asic
litecoin scrypt asic
litecoinx x11 ? asic
marucoin x13 dead asic
maxcoin keccak gpu
megacoin scrypt asic
kittehcoin scrypt dead asic
cryptometh keccak dead gpu
millionaire x11 over asic
mindcoin x11 asic
monacoin lyra2rev2 ? gpu
mooncoin scrypt asic
microcoin Chacha 14 no market gpu
monetaryunit quark asic/gpu
muniti x11 no market asic
myriad scrypt asic
skein gpu
groestl gpu
qubit asic/gpu
Sha-256 asic
mazacoin Sha-256 asic
nautiluscoin scrypt asic
gulden scrypt asic
namecoin Sha-256 inactive asic
noblecoin m7m over
dnotes scrypt asic
novacoin scrypt ? asic
nyancoin scrypt ? asic
orbitcoin neoscrypt gpu
potcoin scrypt over asic
peercoin Sha-256 asic
phoenixcoin neoscrypt gpu
quebecoin x11 dead asic
quazarcoin cryptonight no market cpu/gpu
quark quark asic/gpu
rubycoin scrypt over asic
reddcoin scrypt over asic
ripoffcoin scrypt dead asic
ronpaulcoin scrypt ? asic
razor scrypt no market asic
saturn2coin scrypt over asic
sia blake 2b gpu
shift daggarhash over gpu
sterlingcoin x13 over asic
smartcoin x11 asic
spaincoin Scrypt-n dead gpu
savecoin Sha-256 dead asic
securecoin quark no market asic/gpu
startcoin x11 asic
talkcoin nist5 dead gpu
fedoracoin scrypt inactive asic
unbreakable Sha-256 ? asic
unobtanium Sha-256 asic
eutopium nist5 dead gpu
urocoin x11 dead asic
usde scrypt dead asic
ultracoin Chacha 14 gpu
veilcoin x13 dead asic
viacoin scrypt asic
virtualmining coin Scrypt-n dead gpu
vertcoin lyra2rev2 gpu
worldcoin scrypt asic
x11 x11 dead asic
digitalnote cryptonight cpu/gpu
honorcoin x13 dead asic
monero cryptonight cpu/gpu
paycoin Sha-256 over asic
vcash blake vanilla gpu
verge scypt asic
yacoin Chacha 17 gpu
zclassic equihash gpu
zcash equihash gpu
zetacoin Sha-256 asic

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